Thank you, Tanya Geisler for the inspiration…

My sweet (15 year old) baby boy. The perfect silence that follows a fresh snow. Long talks with best friends. Bottles of wine shared with Kaci & Shannon. Dark dark chocolate. The perfect Italian dinner. Incredible breathtaking sunsets. The smell of the ocean. Anna’s laugh. A really great day spent with the camera and my sweetheart. Dance. Texts that say “I love you Mom”. Cheese. Bread. Dancing Matt on youtube. Music that makes me cry. Music that makes me smile. Music that makes me laugh. Road trips with Kaci. Morning text time with my Mom. Surprise gifties “just because”. Highland Coffee Company. Crème Brulee with surprise raspberries. Hugs. Kisses. Wearing the perfect outfit. Having an “I’m amazing!” kind of day. Feeling beautiful. Hugging a tree. Knowing I’m loved. Writing a great poem. Walking barefoot on super soft damp grass. Getting back in touch with long lost friends. Elephants. Cream Cheese and Wheat Thins. Smiles from people I love. Smiles from strangers. Laughing until my belly hurts and tears stream down my face. Super soft comfy blankets. Kitties purring. Wind in my hair. The first hint of Spring. The vibrant colours of fall. The perfect sweater. Phone calls that leave me smiling. My jobs. Bath & Body Works lip gloss. Maddie singing her abc’s to me. Muffin’s smiley face when I plant a thousand kisses on her forehead. Bri screaming “Auntie Karen! I missed you so much!”. My Polar Bear. The friends I can say anything to. Warm rain New Orleans style. Blue cheese stuffed green olives. Hopptini’s. Eastwick. Swingsets. Being back in Louisville and feeling completely happy every time I see the skyline. Driving across the country. Christmas lights. Walking along the Puget Sound. Port Townsend and Better Living Through Coffee’s Chai Latte. The fact that “I’m Henry the 8th I am Henry the 8th I am I am” can make me smile every time I think about it. Being told I’m the “awesomest”.  Watching my favourite movies. Leaves crunching under my feet. Caterpillars and ladybugs. Singing and laughing with Kathi. Finding something I thought I’d lost. Baking something from scratch that makes someone happy. Getting a new tattoo. Taking a long bath with a great book and a glass of wine. Waking up with music in my head. The unconditional love of life-long friends. My family – those I was lucky enough to pick and those linked by blood. This.

Prompt #85: Your turn. write your own “things I love in 400 words.”  It’s not as easy as it seems, but it is oh so worth it!

real life…

by Karen on December 5, 2011 · 0 comments

I’ve mentioned this a couple times already, but I’m going to say it again…it’s been a rough year…or so.

This blog has helped me to express some of the emotions wrapped up tightly in the little fortress of me, but I still proceed with caution. I admit that I’m slightly jealous of those who can just put it all out there. Mind you, I like to see it written succinctly and straight forward as opposed to a 20 paragraph whiny diatribe, but there is something beautiful about bleeding without concern.

I’ve always been a smile-on-the-outside-bleed-on-the-inside kinda gal. I choose very carefully when it comes to my sounding boards, and how much I decide to share at a particular moment. It doesn’t mean I don’t trust my friends – my friends are truly among the great loves of my life – but I’ve often chosen to just work through my struggles on my own.

That said…It’s been a melancholy year. One full of change, and heartbreak – moving, finding a new job, working my ass off, missing my kid, and often feeling a bit lost in this maze, trying to figure out who the hell I am. It’s that empty nest thing…I’ve been a mom for so many years, completely wrapped up in my kid, and when he moved out…I was left with…what?

so, I’ve been sifting through my emotions, and “checking the horizon,” and re-learning my role as a mother in this new format.

One of my touchstones shared this song with me a while back…and it’s been in my head all day…so I figured it was a good time to share it with you.
Colin Hay “Waiting for my real life to begin”

Prompt #84: “I have an existential map. It has ‘You are here’ written all over it.” ~ Steven Wright.  right? write!

sometimes you just gotta DIY…

by Karen on November 28, 2011 · 0 comments

I see nothing wrong with tooting your own horn once in awhile. pat yourself on the back. high-five yourself. give yourself kudos.

Because we all need a cheerleader now and then, and we shouldn’t always have to rely on others to BE that cheerleader – though I will admit that there is a rather giddy feeling that explodes out of my skin when someone I love tells me I’m awesome!

So, why am I feeling particularly awesome today?

Because, dear friends and readers, I have almost COMPLETELY completed the November PAD (Poem a Day) challenge with Robert Lee Brewer!

I have participated in this challenge (and the April PAD challenge) for the past several years, and though I usually come out at the end of the month with about 15-20 new poems, I’ve never completed a challenge where I’ve written a piece for every prompt.

and I am VERY close to doing just that!

I currently have 26 new poems written – plus a few non-prompt poems I’ve written this month – and let me tell you, this feels great!

So, I’m going to start compiling a second collection and start looking to publish. I mean, why not? Three Thousand Doors needs a follow-up, right? (my Mama likes to joke and tell me my next collection should carry the title “Three Thousand MORE doors.” ~shakes head~)

Prompt #83: I’m going to work on compiling another poetry collection. What are you gonna do?

Reading, Writing and…

by Karen on November 21, 2011 · 0 comments

…not ‘rithmetic.

I don’t math. not if I can help it.

But I have been reading a lot lately. Fall is a cuddle up with a soft blanket, a fluffy pillow and a fantastic book kind of time for me.

I’ve also been writing a bunch. Following Robert Lee Brewer’s prompts over at Poetic Asides. I’m a couple days behind at the moment, but I currently have 20 new poems to work with, and a writing contest I’m planning to enter in the next two weeks before the deadline.

So I’m feeling pretty artistic, which totally beats that “ugh! I’ve got nothing creative in me!” feeling that we all get when we hit that brick wall called writer’s block.

Prompt #82: Today…head on over to Poetic Asides and pick on of the 21 prompts and write. No matter if it’s a poem, a story, a song, a play…just pick a prompt and write on it!